Learn TOEIC in Japan with Nathan – VLOG 2

Learn TOEIC in Japan with Nathan – VLOG 2

Mời các bạn cùng học TOEIC 550 thông qua những bài học liên quan đến nước Nhật do Nathan biên soạn nhé.

Các bạn có thể nghe bài viết dưới đây tại vlog được dán tại bài viết này.

Những từ vựng sẽ học trong bài này sẽ là 10 từ vựng trong số 30 từ quan trọng nhất trong bài thi TOEIC.

11 Put on

12) Wear

13) Take off

14) Be supposed to

15) A is followed directly by B

16) Stack

17) Pile

18) Previously

19) Temporarily

20) Provisionally

Bây giờ mời các bạn đọc qua bài viết nhé. Các bạn có thể xem sub tiếng Việt tại vlog của Nathan nha.

“If one day you take your footstep to a far country to study abroad what will you feel?”

I am Thien An, 30 years old. In the Fall 2013, I went to Japan to study abroad.

“Even though I graduated with Japanese majored in Saigon, but when I went to Japan, I continued to study in a Japanese language school in Tokyo.”

That was a school in Yamanote train station.

“I woke up at 7 every morning, took my time for personal hygiene, breakfast, then rushed to put on my shoes and ran to school.”

I stayed in the dormitory which was about 30 minutes biking from school. “For the sunny days, I often wore(12) sunglasses for the ride to school.”

“After school, I left my bicycle in school and went to work by train.” At that time, I worked as a waitress in a restaurant near the train station Shinjuku.

“When I got to the place, I took off(13) the shoes I was wearing and put on(11) the shoes for my work.”

“The male manager was always late. Every day he was supposed to(14) be at work at 17 o’clock but he often arrived at 17:15 and the female manager never complained about that.”

“My main job at the restaurant was to help the customers with the orders and after the kitchen finished making the food, I served the food to the customers.”

“When the work started I would organize the stack(16) of chairs by placing them at every table.”

“The tasks in the restaurant are arranged in orders The first step is followed directly(15) by the second step.”

“When I was about to finish with my shift, I would do the dishes with the dishwashing liquid. The dishes were piled(17) up that looked like a mountain.”

Previously(18) when I was in Vietnam, I never thought that one day, I could wash all those many dishes.”

“For the first few days studying abroad, there were moments that I thought if I should temporarily(19) stop studying, coming back to Vietnam.”

“But finally, I decided, I had to go until the end, studying until graduating the language school.”

“The graduation ceremony that year, was provisionally(20) to be on a Spring day in January of 2015. However, due to some changes in the study schedule, the school had to delay it until March.”

“Finally, I graduated the language school, and started looking for jobs in Japan in 2015.

What about your journey of studying abroad?

Can you share it with Thien An and other friends?”

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