Learn TOIEC in Japan with Nathan – VLOG 1

Learn TOIEC in Japan with Nathan – VLOG 1

Mời các bạn cùng học TOEIC 550 thông qua những bài học liên quan đến nước Nhật do Nathan biên soạn nhé.

Các bạn có thể nghe bài viết dưới đây tại vlog được dán tại bài viết này.

Những từ vựng sẽ học trong bài này sẽ là, đây là 10 từ vựng trong số 30 từ quan trọng nhất trong bài thi TOEIC.

1) available

2) currently

3) weather permitting

4) annual

5) competitive

6) get stick

7) pedestrian

8) take over

9) be situated

10) be located

Bây giờ mời các bạn đọc qua bài viết nhé. Các bạn có thể xem sub tiếng Việt tại vlog của Nathan nha.

I am Minh, an international student in Japan.I have attended a language school in Tokyo before.

After graduating from the language school, I got the Work Visa and started working at a company A in Kagawa province.

I got accepted for the trainee manager position in the company A. I took over (8) Mr. Yamamoto’s task that he was in charge for.

Mr. Yamamoto was born and raised in Kagawa and he has never left the place.

He was very surprised when I told him that I often got stuck(6) in the traffic jam in Tokyo. Since Kagawa is a very quiet coutryside, so there is almost no traffic jam.

That reminded me of how busy Tokyo was.

For an annual(4) business trip, the company sends an employee to the headquarter in Tokyo.

I hope the company will send me for the business trip this year.

The company I work at is located(10) next to a river.

When the working hours is over,

I often go for a walk around the river and then go home by bicycle which is 30 minutes from the company, weather permitting(3).

My work schedule is currently(2) from Monday to Friday. I saw a few pedestrians(7) on my way home after work today.

Kagawa is really quiet, not as crowded as in Tokyo.

I came by the supermarket when I was on my way home.

My house is located(10) near the supermarket which is convenient for the shopping.

The supermarket has all kinds of product and the price is very competitive(5).

Life in the province of Kagawa is quite peaceful

I often come to the library near my place on the weekend

Sometimes I also come to the bookstore

I like to read books so whenever there is a nice book availble(1) in the bookstore then I will buy it so I can read it.

For the holidays, I often take the 4-hour bus to Osaka and spend time there.

How about your life in Japan?

Can you share it with Minh and other friends?

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