Learn TOEIC in Japan with Nathan – VLOG 5

Learn TOEIC in Japan with Nathan – VLOG 5

Mời các bạn cùng học TOEIC 550 thông qua những bài học liên quan đến nước Nhật do Nathan biên soạn nhé.

Các bạn có thể nghe bài viết dưới đây tại vlog được dán tại bài viết này. Những từ vựng sẽ học trong bài này sẽ là, đây là 10 trong tổng số 42 từ khoá thường xuất hiện nhất trong kỳ thi TOEIC.

31) Statement

32) Inventory

33) Subscription

34) Supplies

35) Exclusively

36) Refund

37) Relocate

38) Exhibition

39) Plumbing

40) Be scheduled to

Bây giờ mời các bạn đọc qua bài viết nhé. Các bạn có thể xem sub tiếng Việt tại vlog của Nathan nha.

Having the N2 of Japanese Certificate, The Anh went to study abroad in Japan in October, 2019.
JLPT is the certificate that is exclusively(35) for people who learn Japanese which consists of 5 levels with N5 as the
 lowest and N1 as the highest of Japanese fluency level.
The Anh found it difficult to communicate with the people during the first few days in Japan as the native Japanese 
naturally speak way faster than the language teacher in Vietnam.
He often came to the exhibitions(38) about the field he liked so he could learn more about that field and also learn more about the 
way the native people communicate.
Just like with other people, the monthly statement(31) for the supplies(34) was what The Anh cared about and he always wanted to 
find a job in order to solve that problem.
The Anh was living in the province of Chiba where the international airport Narita is located in Japan.
In Japan, in order to find a part-time job, the international students are often introduced to the job from the language school,
or they can find one themselves from the Facebook groups.
They can also find a part-time job from the free new newspapers in the convenient stores such as Lawson, 7-Eleven, Familymart, or in 
the supermarkets...
With the Japanese foundation The Anh has, he got accepted for an office job in the language school he was attending in Tokyo.
His tasks in the office consisted of organizing the documents, phone check on the students who applied to transfer to Japan.
The place was a small office at first but then because of some plumbing(39) problems so the school relocated(37) the office to a 
bigger room and, therefore, The Anh had much more comfortable place to work.
The office where The Anh worked for had an inventory(32) of subscriptions(33) and one of his important tasks was to 
manage the transactions and services to those subscriptions.
The JLPT test is scheduled to(40) take place twice a year on the first Sundays in July and December
The test takers have to register within two months before the day of the test. The Anh finally had the determination to register for the 
test after a long time.
But due to the Corona pandemic, the JLPT was delayed, and The Anh received the refund(36) of the test fee back into 
his Line pay card, the one that he used to pay for the test.
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